You’re the First to Know I’m Running for Mayor

Dear Neighbor:

I am pleased to announce that I am running for West U Mayor in the election this coming May 6th. I have lived in West U for 20 years, residing at the same Plumb Street address that my grandparents purchased in 1941. For the past four years, you have honored me by allowing me to serve as a member of your City Council, giving me the opportunity to observe first-hand the difference between good and bad leadership for the residents of West U. 

What makes a good leader? 

TRUTH. Good leaders act with integrity and aggressively pursue opportunities to increase transparency and enhance public trust, so that you can have faith that your interests are being put first.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Good leaders understand and accept that you have entrusted them with both your tax dollars and the privacy, safety, security and quality of life of you and your family, and therefore seek to base their decisions on verifiable data and expert advice, so that their policy choices actually reflect your wants and needs, and so that the City pursues the courses of action that will best achieve those goals.

COMMUNITY. Good leaders work to build community and increase dialogue and resident engagement in City decision-making at all levels, show respect for diverse ideas and heed the interests of all affected stakeholders, and seek to heal divisions rather than exploit them, so that West U will always be the forward-thinking, Neighborhood City that we all cherish.

West U has been fortunate to have had several good leaders throughout its history, several of whom I am privileged to call my friends and who have generously lent me their support. I feel called to serve because I want to preserve those things that have made West U the best place in America to live in, while doing all that I can to make it even better still. I am running for Mayor because I want to restore the good leadership that both you and West U deserve.

In conclusion, I want to acknowledge and express my profound gratitude to the following people who have signed on my behalf and expressed support for my campaign:

Your Neighbor,

John P. Barnes

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