Though there are many examples, our notable achievements of the past four years include the following:

As Winter Storm Uri approached, working closely with West U staff to make sure the City provided a warming center and showers at the Rec Center and our especially vulnerable residents were identified early on and notified of the warming center.

Organizing the West U Garden Club in 2022, incorporating it for the first time in its history and facilitating an increased sense of community by bringing together diverse residents in the common interest of gardening.

On behalf of the Club, working with both the City’s Parks & Rec Department and various community stakeholders to allow the Club and residents to have an active role in planning the landscaping at our parks and municipal facilities, as well as elsewhere in our community, and to provide education and promote awareness about native plants, sustainable landscaping and water usage practices, and bee and pollinator-friendly environments.

Serving as a director-at-large for the Rotary Club of West U for 2023 - 2024.

Working closely with the Recycling & Solid Waste Reduction Board to develop and promote their proposal for a food waste composting pilot program to help divert food waste from landfills and reduce the City’s solid waste fees.

Volunteering with the Good Neighbor Team, an adjunct of the City’s Senior Services programs, and providing support to our senior residents by having volunteers check-in and provide residents with cards and other reminders that they are thought of at holidays.

Volunteering with the City’s Christmas tree light recycling program to remove and recycle lights and trees.

Under two different mayors, delivering a balanced budget and a lowered effective tax rate for four consecutive years while maintaining the best in class services that residents expect and deserve.

XMAs Tree Light Removal 1-7-23

Establishing official recognition of Martin Luther King Jr., Day as a City holiday.

Heightening neighborhood security through the redesign and implementation of the Virtual Gate program in partnership with the City of Houston.

Revising our Code of Ordinances to address long-standing issues affecting quality of life, including noise and light pollution.

Conducting a City-wide traffic study to aid in setting speeds and designing traffic control features to promote public safety.

Expanding senior services to assist residents in aging in place and adding recreational programming to include virtual classes and events.

Enhancing amenities at Colonial and Whitt Johnson Parks, and throughout our parks system.

Commissioning a City-wide Drainage Modeling Study, which has already resulted in savings of over $30 million on scheduled drainage improvement projects and will enable more efficient and effective design and implementation of drainage improvements in the future.

Initiating long-overdue capital improvements, including replacement of major components at the wastewater treatment plant and the design and implementation of substantial upgrades to our drainage system to safeguard residents’ homes and mitigate future flooding.

Overhauling our City’s employee compensation system to increase our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest.