Food Waste Collection Program

Dear Neighbor:

I am excited to announce that last Monday, February 13th, the City of West U took a big step forward in the area of sustainability by approving a new food waste collection program.

The City has identified two qualified vendors, Zero Waste Houston and Moon Shot Industries LLC a/k/a Moon Shot Compost, which the City will support by adding them to its referred vendors list and by providing educational and promotional support to encourage residents’ participation in food waste recycling. In return, the vendors will provide data to the City that will enable staff to evaluate and design further efforts to reduce food waste over the long term. All residents will benefit from this program, as food waste constitutes a major portion of the solid waste disposed of by the City, and sustainable diversion of this waste will therefore reduce the City’s solid waste disposal costs.

This achievement has come after many years of work by City Staff and the citizen volunteers of the Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board, whom I have been privileged to assist as their Council liaison for the past two years. All of the members of the RSWRB, past and present, but most especially Corrinn K. Davis, Julie Fehl, and Lindsay Gregory – who prepared and presented the original proposal for this program to Council last Spring – deserve the gratitude of this City for their efforts on this important project.

For more information about the city’s food waste collection, visit the West U City website.

Your Neighbor,

John P. Barnes