Buffalo is Re-Opening

Thank you to Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher and our Public Works staff!

After more than a year, all lanes of Buffalo Speedway will re-open today, February 17th,  finally allowing residents to fully enjoy the modern, resurfaced road that replaces the 50-year-old thoroughfare we remember, along with the substantial improvements to the drainage infrastructure for the Buffalo Speedway system, which serves residents living in the area roughly between Wakeforest on the east and Rutgers to the west.

I wish to express my gratitude to our member of Congress, Lizzie Fletcher, for securing federal funding for approximately 80% of the project cost. Most significantly, we need to thank our City Public Works Staff, including our former PW Director, Gerardo Barrera, who recently left us after more than 20 years in service to West U.

More than anything else, it has been their tireless and exemplary efforts, spanning multiple councils and Mayors, that have resulted in the superlative outcome of this project, which will benefit residents for generations to come. Kudos!

Your Neighbor,

John P. Barnes